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Palm Fronds Breaking Machine Rai - Pps 800
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Specification of

Palm fronds Farm Machinery breaking RAI - PPS 800

Overall Unit dimanesi:
Length: 1965 mm
Width: 825 mm
Height: 940 mm
Capacity: 800 - 1000

part of passengers
The length of the funnel: 840 mm
Funnel width: 280 mm
Height from the ground: 825 mm

section solver
The length of the cylinder cap: 590 mm
The width of the cylinder cover: 460 mm
High cylinder cover: 265 mm
Number thrower: 160 mm x 80 mm
Number of counter knives: 27 pieces

section expenditure
Long funnel out: 390 mm
Width funnel out: 150 mm

Motor drive
Type: motor diesel
Brand: Kubota
Type: RD140

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